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Angelica Needs Another Fuzzy Friend (hamster)

by Angelica Sturm

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Angelica Needs Another Fuzzy Friend (hamster)

About This Campaign

Url :

Angelica really wants a hamster really bad. She has studied what they need for awhile. And she thinks she is ready for one. She thinks it will be a good fit for her and it will make her really happy.
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Gary Sturm
1 year ago

God Bless You Angelica.

1 year ago

Congratulations from blessAbuck and good luck on your campaign!

1 year ago
Donated amount of $20.00
Donated 1 other campaigns.
Gary Sturm
1 year ago
Donated amount of $20.00
Donated 14 other campaigns.

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pledged of $100 goal

1 year ago


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Project by

Angelica Sturm

locationLas Vegas, NV, USA

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