Rebuilding Lives by Rebuilding Cars: AM2 Mobile Application and Speed Shop

By AM2 Speed Shop

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A dream for a local speed shop and interactive mobile app promises to change the import auto culture online by making it digital…

I’m Brian Camacho and my passion for cars and the transformation that it has given me has inspired me…

to open AM2, a premier Las Vegas Speed Shop, nationally recognized by an interactive mobile app – AM2 Mobile – placing the import auto culture in your pocket!

Since I’ve joined Team Hybrid and entered my first official contest car, the most amazing things have happened to me. I have met some notable sponsors that believe in this effort:



Las Vegas has a huge car scene, from import to classic and exotics some of the hottest cars in the world drive on our streets everyday. The market is large but community is small, the representation has no platform. AM2 Speed Shop will be that platform…

a place where every person has the opportunity to make the best out of their auto build. AM2 will help individuals grow not only with their cars but into the individuals they wish to become.  The shop will support the car community in more ways than just a place to buy parts…

AM2 Mobile will put the auto culture in the palm of your hand

AM2′s mobile app will revolutionize the import car culture online, allowing AM2’s presence to expand outside of regional boundaries. The AM2 mobile app will provide the users with the following:

-  Access  to tutorial forums with “How-To”s on import car repair and modification
- Raw and uncut product reviews from real customers
- E-commerce app with selling and purchasing abilities
- Rich media content providing current import auto related news and videos
- National directory to all car related shows, events and retailers
- *Most importantly, AM2 will have user uploaded components, content made by import auto lovers, for import car lovers



Our primary mission is to offer unique parts, cultivate a community and attract more car events to the Las Vegas car scene with a local speed shop that has an awesome online extension and representation through an interactive mobile app and e-commerce website.

The first step to making this possible is to buy out a local shop and re-launch the new AM2 Brand. Next, the mobile app and e-commerce site will be developed and launched, available for download and use. By donating, you are helping us get the keys to start the engine.


Building a great team with knowledge and a passion for cars and people is a key part of our new business ventures.
We will combine teamwork and inspiration to build this auto culture, doing for auto imports what Zappos did for shoes.

Join us by contributing to this BlessABuck campaign. Help unite the Vegas car scene and set an example for other cities.

Contribute what you can to this effort. Share this link and repost our mission! Thank you for your support!

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  1. Mike Gutierrez
  2. Gary Sturm
  3. Ozzy Maldonado
  4. Marc Lirio