OneTrue Bling Launch our Online Boutquie Show

By OneTrue Bling

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We are women! We are strong, we are lovers, we are fixers, we are wage earners, we are the heart and the backbone of our families. As women we learn to be everything to everyone and oftentimes we get lost in the day to day shuffle.



OneTrue Bling 100% American made.

We are women and all women regardless of economic status, regardless of race, religion or situation should be able to have the opportunity to feel like a Queen or Princess!

OneTrue Bling is our way of sharing our passion with the world. Giving life to a dream to bring handcrafted artistry back to those that loves quality.


OneTrue Bling’s mission is to help make all women feel like Queens and Princesses. We do this by accentuating your clothes, purses, accessories, helmets and any other item you desire with Swarovski Crystals of all colors and sizes.

You are unique and important so we create a unique look just for you with each item you send us.

OneTrue Bling is our brainchild, Robin and ……., we are two women who believe in the power of women and giving back to the community that has given so much to us.

We have a love of creating and seeing our creativity make other women feel like the Queens and Princesses they are. We understand how difficult life can be and if we are able to take our creative talents and put a smile on a face or add some self-esteem to a woman then we feel blessed!

Making a difference is all we’ve every wanted and we can make that difference through OneTrue Bling.


The biggest challenge we have encountered since starting OneTrue Bling is having enough capital to increase production and keep the quality our customers love.  In order to be successful in the industry, We need your help to hire new designers and additional equipement to better service our customers. The goal is to create a brand that bring our client imagination to reality.


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